Signs That You Play League of Legends Too Much

Signs That You Play League of Legends Too Much

League of Legends is an incredibly popular game that has gained much attention over the years. However, with along with that popularity lies the possibility that you might just play it too much. In this online game, coming to you from Riot Games, you get to wage war across battle arena maps on other players as well as bots. An estimated 67,000,000 players play the game regularly, with about 27,000,000 people playing every day.

With lots of games modes to play in, you can compete in tournaments or matches once you improve. And if you get better than most, and place yourself tentatively in the right places on the market, you can even get cash prize money.

Unlike most games in this genre, your competitors generally start out pretty weak, no matter how long they have been playing. Gaining experience and collecting resources throughout the game gives the increase.

Here, we have put together a list of symptoms you might show that would point to the fact that you do, in fact, play League of Legends just a little bit too much. If you find yourself nodding your head to more than half of these, you might need to spend some time away from the game. Maybe get to know some people in real life instead of focusing on Baron Nashor and other strangers from the internet.

  1. You tend to scold people for bad AMP during your writing of emails.
  2. You tend to incline towards people who are, or appear to be, from South Korea.
  3. You have a name for those who do anything better than you do: Smurfs
  4. You also have a name for anyone you see that is wearing silver or gold jewelry: filthy casuals.
  5. You get extremely indignant at seeing anything manufactured of bronze.
  6. You carefully check the bushes for any cats that might be wielding large blades.
  7. You tend to write an overly exaggerate amount of fan fiction and lore.
  8. You have actually initiated more than one petition in which you attempt to get waifu pool party skins.
  9. You go AFK from work if you should so happen to miss the bus.
  10. You could literally stand to hear anything from your kids except the fact that they are in Bronze 5.
  11. You go out with your friends on to wind up complaining about the composition of the team.
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